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How It Works

Puzzle is an accounting platform that combines multiple financial tools into a single data hub: Financial Statements: See you financial statements in real-time. We auto-categorize and pre-reconcile transactions up to 99%. Business Metrics: See your real-time cash-balances, burn, runway, and ARR/MRR you are generating each month Cash and Accrual Books at the same time. Cash for you. Accruals for your accountants and investors Effortless Revenue Recognition: We auto-recognize your revenue and create revenue schedules in seconds (vs days) Budgeting and Financial Planning (FP&A) tools: Instantly connect with Runway, Causal, Meow and more. Or download our free templates AI workflows to save you time and money Puzzle works best for US-based companies built on a modern financial stack. We support hundreds of customers who do their accounting on Puzzle every month. Just connect your accounts and we do the rest.



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