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6 Months of free Team plan + unlimited Coda AI.

Your team gets 6 months of a free Team plan with unlimited Coda AI. Offer applies to eligible customers. Coda starts as a familiar blinking cursor and a hub to consolidate all of your team’s work. It also contains a set of powerful building blocks that enable teams to work in their own unique way—and stack into customizable solutions that fit every team. From 1:1s, to team meeting rituals, to company-wide planning processes, over 50,000 teams, including companies like Figma, DoorDash, Ted, Uber, Square, and The New York Times, use Coda to codify their best ways of working and reduce tool fatigue.

Redemption instructions:
Fill out the form in this link, startups will need to select "Built First" program in the "Program Involvement" question.

Available for new and existing customers


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