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Compliance Automation Software + SOC 2 Audit for $15,000
Save $9,000

Through A-LIGN’s Startup Partnership Program, portfolio companies of Incubators, Accelerators, Venture funds, etc. will be given access to a number of pricing and service-related benefits, including: • One Free Year of A-SCEND, A-LIGN’s compliance automation software ($6,000 annual subscription) • Type 2 SOC 2 Audit for $15,000

Redemption instructions:
In order to receive the Startup Partnership Program Benefits, please direct all inquiries to JT Pastor, Practice Director ( / 317-750-3586). Or, if filling out the “Contact Us” form on the A-LIGN Website, include the code "Startup Partnership Program" in the “how’d you hear about us” field.

Special Restrictions:
This pricing is for a Type 2 SOC 2, security only, audit. Should any additional trust service criteria be required (very rare for startups), pricing would increase.

Available for new customers only

How It Works

A-LIGN is a tech-enabled cybersecurity and compliance firm bridging the gap between compliance automation and traditional IT auditors across virtually all frameworks in the space. • Only provider in the space with both a compliance automation software platform (A-SCEND) and a professional audit services team to get you from readiness to final report. • Largest provider of SOC 2 reports in the world and offer a “one-stop shop” approach as a licensed provider of ISO, Healthcare, Federal, PCI, and many more accreditations. • Reduce audit fatigue by consolidating the scope of multiple audits through A-SCEND’s control mapping functionality. • Get “audit ready” in half the time through their guided readiness assessments, reduces potential security threats through continuous monitoring, and streamlines the audit process through automated evidence collection. • A-LIGN has historically saved customers up to 40% in spend (depending on current audit firm)


Seamless Audit: A-LIGN’s audit staff ensures consistent communication and support throughout the process.

Cybersecurity Compliance: Stringent standards for trustworthy audits.

Efficient Platform: Collaborate centrally with auditors for streamlined communication and evidence collection.


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